Emily Blunt delivers disappointing news about the Fantastic Four

Emily Blunt delivers disappointing news about the Fantastic Four

Emily Blunt recently revealed that she was not asked to audition for the role of Invisible Woman in Fantastic Four.

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with fellow actors Aubrey Plaza And Hugh Jackman Joining or returning to the Marvel Universe, this is a great time to be a fan of the movie and television franchise. While we wait for more news surrounding upcoming projects in the studio’s Phase 6, Emily Blunt has some highly anticipated non-ideal updates. Fantastic Four During a recent interview with Reboot Extra TVThe Jungle Cruise The star revealed that so far, she hasn’t been asked to audition for Invisible Woman, leaving many of us hopeful and confused as to where the casting is headed.

During her sit-down, the interviewer asked Emily Blunt about her and her husband John Krasinski’s possible engagement. Fantastic Four, noted that fans have been clamoring for the two to join the franchise, adding that “everyone thinks you’d make an incredible Invisible Woman.” Keeping her cards close to her chest (if she has cards at all), Emily Blunt reveals that she “[knew] Nothing.”

He also said that “no one has contacted [her] About Invisible Woman.” However, Blunt has not shared anything about her husband’s involvement in the production, so Let the speculation continue Whether Krasinski will take the role Reid RichardsA part he played in Marvel Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Beyond the casting of Emily Blunt Fantastic Four, the interviewer threw other difficult questions his way. They also asked him about the actress’ possible participation in the future A Quiet Place 3, which now centers on a different story in the franchise’s universe. Keeping her lips tightly sealed, Blunt hasn’t shared any information about her part in the Lupita Nyong’o-led feature.

Emily Blunt isn’t coming to hurt the universe, though Fantastic FourShe continues to fight for the right of actresses to wear whatever they want on the red carpet, something that stars Spoken about Over the past few years. His slate includes a full docket of features, two in post-production and one just starting to roll cameras. With his last on-screen venture in 2021 jungle boatThe next few years will be a great time for Blunt fans as they will see her perform in different genres

First, she will co-star with Christopher Nolan Oppenheimer, a biographical feature surrounding the life of the famous physicist known for developing the atomic bomb. Blunt J. Robert Oppenheimer’s (Cillian Murphy) wife, Catherine Oppenheimer, will play a talented biologist and botanist. Although Emily Blunt may or may not be starring opposite her husband Fantastic FourWe are excited to see her on-screen chemistry with Cillian Murphy in it.

He will also act in the future The Pain Hustler, the story of a down-on-her-luck woman living in Florida who takes a job at a start-up pharmaceutical company only to find herself in the middle of a criminal conspiracy. Finally, the action flick, The Fall Guy, will see her star opposite Ryan Gosling and Aaron Taylor-Johnson in the feature-length reboot of the fan-favorite ’80s series. It is currently in production and Oppenheimer And The Pain Hustler In post, it’s possible for Emily Blunt to bluff us and take the role Fantastic Four Which won’t end until 2024.

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