Elizabeth Hurley says Matthew Perry’s addiction ‘was a nightmare’

Elizabeth Hurley says Matthew Perry’s addiction ‘was a nightmare’

  • Elizabeth Hurley found it difficult to work with Matthew Perry due to his addiction.
  • The two actors starred in the 2002 rom-com “Serving Sara”.
  • Hurley added that Perry was “fantastic” when she returned to production after rehab.

It’s now well-known that “Friends” star Matthew Perry struggled with substance addiction while working on the beloved sitcom in the late 1990s and early 2000s, and he’s been very open about his struggles. In his new book“Friends, Lovers, and Big Scary Things.”

The star even recalled a moment when the costar Jennifer Aniston confronted him on set about his problem with alcohol, which destroyed him. But Aniston wasn’t the only star dealing with Perry’s issues at the time.

In 2002, the actor starred in “Serving Sarah” alongside Elizabeth Hurley. The romance comedy saw Perry play a process server who falls for Harley’s Sarah while trying to serve her divorce papers.

But Harley recently spoke out Yahoo! entertainment about working on the project with Perry, and he explained that the movie suffered due to star issues at the time.

He said: “Honestly, working with him at that time was a nightmare and as it is now known, our film was shelved due to his addiction.”

“Serving Sarah” went on a two-month hiatus as Perry was immediately admitted to rehab for two months After filming Chandler and Monika’s (Courteney Cox) wedding “Friend.”

Unfortunately, this meant a lot of downtime for Hurley and crew. He added: “We were in a force majeure situation and for a while we had to twiddle our fingers and sit at home.”

Although the star said it was a “rough” experience, Perry was “awesome” when she finally returned to the set and production resumed.

Hurley said her costar had a hard time battling her addiction, but made a point that she was “beautiful” even though she was still in a tough spot.

He added: “It was tough, obviously he had a tough time, but he was still very charming and a lovely person to work with. But you could see he was definitely suffering.”

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