Durham teachers rent the theater so students can watch Wakanda forever

Durham teachers rent the theater so students can watch Wakanda forever

Durham, NC — Many Marvel fans are excited for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

The movie goes behind heroes vs. villains and puts something important on display: representation.

That’s why a high school English teacher – a true superhero in our community – put together an outing so all of his students could watch the movie together.

of Southpoint AMC The theater was packed with Hillside High School students, ready to see the new movie – all thanks to their teacher, Zahara Davis.

“I don’t allow them to see themselves in the books they read, but I make sure they see themselves in the movies they watch,” she says.

His students see their teacher as a hero.

“Professor Davis has always been so supportive of me. She’s like my second mother,” said Trinity Richardson, one of her students.

The teacher rents out the theater for high school students to watch Wakanda Forever

Richardson, a model of diversity in the Black Panther franchise, matches what he sees at school.

“We’re all very different, and going to Hillside we’re all very different,” he said. “It’s nice to see this kind of presentation.”

Davis said she wants to make sure all her students see her.

“I want them to see that in Black Panther, where so many different cultures and tribes are represented, I want them to know that they too representationWherever they are,” Davis said.

When Hillside students got this early look, Durham attorney Julian Hall rented out a theater for 100 children and teenagers on Sundays.

“It’s about reaching back and pulling up those behind you,” he said.

Hall says African American men can be marginalized in movies, and Black Panther flips the script.

“It makes someone say ‘Maybe I can be a superhero,'” he said. “I think there’s a bit of superhero in everyone.”

While young people are excited to see superheroes represented on screen, they find real-life heroes in mentors like Hall and Davis.

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