Drew Barrymore recalls ‘terrible cycle’ with alcohol before getting sober

Drew Barrymore recalls ‘terrible cycle’ with alcohol before getting sober

Drew Barrymore Becoming clear about the feelings of “liberation” he has felt since getting sober

In a personal essay in his magazine DrewThe actress and television presenter, 47, has opened up about her relationship with alcohol and how she prioritizes self-care.

“Maybe our definition of love changes throughout our lives, but I truly believe that a lot of love goes outward,” Barrymore wrote, per Entertainment tonight. “And it can feel selfish to turn that spotlight on ourselves. To make room for me? It doesn’t track sometimes.”

“One of the bravest things you can do is slay those dragons and finally change a horrible cycle you’re stuck in,” he continued. “For me, it was to stop drinking.”

Barrymore said that giving up alcohol was “one of the most liberating things in my life’s journey” that allowed him to “finally break free from the torture of guilt and dysfunction.” He encouraged others to focus on themselves and what they needed.

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“During the holidays, when we spend so much energy trying to measure up to the picture-perfect standards set by the world’s Norman Rockwells, I want you to try to remember to give yourself a pass—a hug, as it were—and I’ll try too. ,” he wrote. “Take a moment, a breath, and give yourself a push. We’re all doing our best here. And that in itself is something to celebrate.”

The First 50 interviews The actress revealed back in December 2021 that she had been alcohol-free for two and a half years, her details “Calm, Confident” Journey to Peace Chat time with CBS This Morning.

“It was something that I realized didn’t serve me and my life,” he said of his decision to quit drinking.

While she didn’t share more details about getting sober at the time, she did admit that she was “very private with a lot of my struggles.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a rebellion right now against the perfection that we’re all forced to see and experience through social media,” Barrymore said at the time. “We’re at an impasse and a moment where talking about how we find ourselves, how we fix ourselves takes a journey and a solution. Most people do that privately.”

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