Draymond Green and Grant Williams remember NBA Finals Game 2 garbage differently

Draymond Green and Grant Williams remember NBA Finals Game 2 garbage differently

Grant Williams has been a long-time Draymond Green fan and tried to model his game after Golden State Warriors star. But there was no time for banter between the two instigators of Game 2 of the 2022 NBA Finals.

Green received a technical foul after slamming into Williams in the first quarter of Sunday’s game at Chase Center, then followed that up with a sharp talk for the Boston Celtics forward.

“You are not me. You want to be me,” Green was seen telling Williams.

Asked about his trade with Williams on Tuesday, Green said he appreciates Williams’ respect for his game but claimed the 23-year-old initiated Sunday’s back and forth.

“When you see a guy say, ‘Man, I grew up watching it,’ you appreciate it, because that’s what you work for,” Green said. “You work to create a path for the next young man. For example, my goal when I came here was to create a path for Grant Williams. Hearing him say that’s an honor, so I don’t take it for granted. acquired.bit.

“…When you say that and then you start talking bullshit to me, then yeah, I’m going to say something about it. Of course.”

Green also found it disconcerting that Williams congratulated him before the series, but then snapped at him during the game.

“Once he starts picking on me and it got messy and he yelped, yelped, yelped – okay bro, you can’t say that and then come and say that. It just doesn’t sit well with me,” Green said.

Then again, Green never passed up an opportunity to talk trash — as did Williams, who did his best to fill Draymond’s role in Boston as a high-energy defender.

“I respond just as much,” Williams said Tuesday in a 1-on-1 with NBC Sports Boston’s Chris Forsberg. “…For me, it’s just a matter of playing the game. We’re both kind of similar, and even though he’s been doing it all his life, I’m the same. I’m not going to back down. “

As for his friendly chat with Green, Williams had a different take on events, saying the back and forth actually started after comments he made to an official.

“It was because of what I said to the referee. It wasn’t because of anything else,” Williams said. “He was saying that because I said (to the ref), ‘You let this man talk to you in a certain way’, and the ref said, ‘No, I don’t’, and he said, ‘You want to be me,’ I was like, ‘See, I told you.'”

And despite Green’s insistence that Williams played the role of instigator on Sunday, the third-year forward says he’s more of a reactionary talker.

“I’m not the person who starts anything,” he added. “I’m more (bringing) the physical and then after the tweet starts I start responding. I’m a more responding person than anything else.”

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In reality, Green and Williams both make their fair share of on-court skirmishes. The difference in Game 2 was that Green’s energy played a key role in Golden State by increasing their defensive intensity, holding Boston to just 88 points.

Williams and the Celtics must correspond to this energy and keeping his cool in Game 3 at TD Garden on Wednesday.

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