Download PUBG MOBILE LITE APK for Android with a direct link

تحميل لعبة ببجي موبايل لايت تنزيل PUBG MOBILE LITE


Download PUBG MOBILE LITE APK for Android with a direct link for free. We offer you the latest version of the PUBG Lite game in a small size, a light version of the most popular collective action online games, this game was officially developed by Tencent with the aim of serving economic or weak phones So to speak.

The operating requirements for PUBG Lite are very modest, unlike the original PUBG Mobile, as what you need is to provide a storage capacity of about 600 MB on the phone’s memory, in addition to 1 GB ram no more, this is all it takes from you to You can run the game in a way that is free from interruptions and problems.

Information on PUBG MOBILE LITE:

ببجي لايت Information on PUBG MOBILE LITE:

In this version of the game, Tencent relies on the most amazing Unreal Engine 4 game engine, ensuring you the best possible performance at the level of sounds and graphics. Enjoy 3D sounds that are no less pure than the sound effects in regular PUBG. 3D sounds give you the ability to select the source Sound, for example determining the direction of enemies walking near you, whether from the right, left, back or front.

In addition to the ease of determining the type of weapon in pubg lite once the fire is fired, the talk is not limited to differences between two different types of weapons such as snipers and machine guns, but the differences in sound extend to two submachine guns, other impressive sound effects after downloading the pubg lite game such as Car engines, explosions and so on.

On the other hand, the graphics are very good and satisfactory in light of the limited storage capacity that PUBG Mobile Lite possesses compared to the main game, if you will, the graphics are close enough, see the smallest details in terms of the features of the players’ faces or characters, as well as with Buildings, cars, clothes, weapons and other items inside PUBG Lite, the latest version, will not lack an exaggerated percentage of the degree of realism that you enjoyed in the original version despite the large difference in size and operating requirements.

Features of PUBG Mobile Lite for Android:

تحميل لعبة ببجي موبايل لايت تنزيل PUBG MOBILE LITE
Of course, you cannot log into PUBG Lite through your personal account in PUBG Mobile, as each of them is completely separate from the other, create a new account and start another new journey from scratch. It is worth noting that PUBG Lite users cannot fight battles or join teams With original PUBG Mobile users, sign up via Facebook, Twitter, Google Play, App Store and other available methods.

Classic mode battle system in PUBG LITE:

There are a lot of differences between the light and other versions, the first difference is that the maximum number of participants on the battlefield is 60 players instead of 100, on the other hand, the battlefield after downloading the PUBG Lite game is significantly smaller than the original game, where the area of ​​the field is 2 x 2 km while there is 8 x 8 km.

In light of these big differences, the duration of a single battle in PUBG Lite is much less than the other official version for smartphones, the duration of the battle in the classic mode does not exceed 10 minutes at a maximum, perhaps less than that in many cases, it is mentioned that it was up to 35 min in the other version.

Integrity of playing in PUBG LITE:

The developer, Tencent, has been very limited to providing the maximum possible protection in PUBG Mobile Lite against cheating and illegal ways of playing by relying on accurate and effective control systems capable of detecting the identity of players who use a hacker or something like that, download the game PUBG Lite for mobile and enjoy unprecedented integrity, ensuring that you equal and equal opportunities with all competitors.

Warehouse Challenges in PUBG LITE:

4 vs 4 mode is still waiting for you as soon as you download PUBG Lite in the same as PUBG and PUBG Korean completely, join the team of friends or enter a random team and enjoy exceptional confrontations on a small battlefield, the battle continues for about 5 minutes, the identity of the winning team is determined Once one of the two teams reaches 40 kills.

You find weapons, protection shields, ammunition and the soldier’s helmet inside the space designated for your team players to stand. Choose the weapon that suits you among several different weapons such as machine guns and snipers as well as bombs. Experience points are distributed to participants in this situation after downloading the PUBG Lite game for iPhone according to the number of special killings Each of them separately.

Events in PUBG LITE:

You will not miss any offers or events available in pubg mobile when using this lite version of PUBG Mobile Lite, various events are provided here as well as soon as they are announced, not to mention the match in daily and weekly tasks and the like, if your phone is limited in specifications and cannot run the original game Ideally, away from interruptions and sudden stops, do not hesitate to download PUBG Lite now.

Clothes in PUBG LITE:

The same huge assortment of clothes available in PUBG is also available here, choose from thousands of shirts, hats, dresses, masks, shoes and pants and get a renewed look every time, open classic and special chests first to earn new outfits after downloading PUBG Lite apk.

The difference within PUBG LITE:

Due to the low number of PUBG Mobile Lite users compared to the first version, you will not find many Facebook friends inside, but you can form new friendships with strangers from around the world, send friend requests

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