Download Garena Free Fire APK for Android and PC Download Garena Free Fire

Download Garena Free Fire APK for Android and PC Download Garena Free Fire

Download Garena Free Fire APK for Android and PC Download Garena Free Fire

Download the Free Fire game, the latest full version, for free, with a direct link for Android apk and for iPhone, in addition to Free Fire PC for the computer. The modest specifications of your phone will not prevent you from trying games such as PUBG Mobile in the presence of Garena Free Fire on the scene of collective action games, enjoy the atmosphere A real war is not much different from pubg mobile and fortnite.

Garena Free Fire is an online action game that depends mainly on the internet, where the battles take place directly synchronized with real time, this game was developed to serve the owners of weak devices or economic phones with limited specifications, an ideal choice for you if you suffer from chopping Permanent with fortnite and pubg.

Save progress in Free Fire game:

To ensure your progress is saved inside you must link your in-game profile to a social media account or app store email, which ensures that you continue to progress across different devices or if you purchase a new phone.

Download Garena Free Fire Apk

One of the first steps that you must do when you run Garena Free Fire Apk for the first time is to choose your account name, taking into account that the name is exclusive or not used by another player, as well as specifying the type of character, whether a man or a woman, last but not another. Facial features as you like.

Communication within Free Fire:

Download Garena Free Fire APK for Android and PC Download Garena Free Fire

You are still able to talk with your friends and team members after downloading the Garena Free Fire game through voice conversations through the microphone and headphones, enjoy a very good sound purity, you can disable the microphone at any time and reactivate it again whenever you want.

Characters available in Free Fire game:

Once you download Free Fire, you will find one list that includes dozens of warriors, men and women fighters, big differences between them in terms of appearance in general, specifically in skin color, haircut, facial features, height and the like, while none of them is unique in either speed Or strength, everyone is equal on the battlefield and have the same chances and opportunities.

The clothes of the characters inside Garena Free Fire:
More than 1000 outfits of various classic and modern designs are waiting for you after downloading the Garena Free Fire game for Android, you can buy some of them through free coins, others using the currencies that are bought for real money, while the third category you get when opening chests.

Enjoy choosing from a huge selection of multicolored t-shirts, pants, hats and shoes, not to mention dresses and suits, make sure to change your outfit frequently to get a constant update on the character’s look.

Driving in Free Fire:

Of course, you can drive any vehicle in front of you after downloading the Free Fire game for Android, enjoy driving around the various maps through cars, motorcycles and ships in the seas, these vehicles and vehicles help you search for your enemies quickly as well as cross to the safe area in record time compared to walking on foot.

Fields of war within Free Fire:

You may need to download some maps after downloading the Garena Free Fire game for iPhone, each map represents a field of battle. It is worth noting that the arenas in this version of the Battle Royale games are much smaller than in PUBG Mobile, fight your enemies in cities full of houses and buildings, Asphalt roads in the city and sandy roads in the desert.
Frozen areas in the Arctic await you after downloading Free Fire to fight over them in the lowest temperatures, stunning landscapes within each yard separately, large areas that guarantee you freedom of movement and movement.

Gear available inside Garena Free Fire:

The discussion here revolves around dozens of necessary and indispensable items on the battlefields. After downloading the latest version of Free Fire, these equipment start from the protection shield designed to reduce the rate of injury when exposed to bullets, in addition to the helmet, which has the same benefit and feature.

Add to the above all of the drinks and medicines that will return a large part of your energy to you again, take some bombs with you to eliminate a group of enemies when they are near each other, the choice is abundant in various areas.

Weapons available in Free Fire:

A fairly large selection, several real models of each weapon separately, more than 3 different types of pistols, about 9 automatic machine guns and 3 snipers as well as several rifles, you can attach a telephoto lens to a lot of weapons to get a closer view of distant enemies About you.

The differences between a weapon and another are known by players after downloading the Free Fire game with a direct link. In short, the most important differences are in the speed of bullets, the extent of vibration or recoil, as well as the strength of the impact on the enemy, not to mention the size and color, etc.

Gifts from Free Fire:

Continuously, Garena Free Fire is keen to motivate players to continue playing and progress by giving them daily gifts and various prizes on a regular basis, distinctive boxes and other multi-categories, carrying you a huge variety of perks such as clothing for the characters, as well as new colors and designs for firearms, daily gift Guaranteed you get it as soon as you log in.

Battles inside Garena Free Fire:
Once downloaded

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