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Download Facebook Arabic Facebook Apk Download Download Facebook Update

تحميل فيس بوك عربي 2020 تنزيل Facebook Apk Download Facebook Arabic Facebook Apk Download Download Facebook Update

Download Facebook Arabic Facebook Apk Download the latest version for Android apk and for iPhone with a direct link, we offer you the latest version of the giant of social networking applications and sites, Facebook remains the most popular platform throughout history among social media programs, unparalleled successes and a success path that began since 2006 It is expected to continue for years that cannot be determined.

The download rate of Facebook is also the highest compared to all competitors, more than 5 billion personal accounts have been created on the site, Facebook has become one of the most important sources of profit from the Internet in recent years, not to mention the interrelationship between your account and many video games and mobile applications, Many details and important information await you in the following paragraphs.

Register on Facebook:

You can create a new account after downloading Facebook Apk Mobile or through the official website, a few data and information that you have to enter in the fields designated for it, represented in the first and second name in addition to the email, in addition to a password that must be a combination of letters and numbers.

It is also necessary to specify your gender, whether you are male or female, last but not least, it is required to specify your date of birth with the day, month and year, this is all the data required in order to create a new Facebook account, you may be asked to confirm your identity after Facebook Download by attaching a personal photo You to manage the site.

Track the text message received on your e-mail in order to confirm and activate the account, for an additional degree of protection, you can link your phone number with your account after downloading Facebook for iPhone in order to activate the two-step verification feature, and it is easy to recover your account if it was stolen or hacked via Communicate with the support team.

Your Facebook Profile Apk:

Each Facebook Apk user has a personal page, the pages are available on a personal photo and cover photo in fixed sizes, you can write a brief about yourself on your page, and after downloading Facebook, you can fully control your personal information as you want by allowing it to appear in front of others with The ability to block it from anyone.

You also find a list of all your friends, from which you can delete or block unwanted people in their friendship after downloading Facebook for Android, see friends’ comments and likes on your posts and respond to their comments as one of the famous social media.

Facebook Facebook

فيس بوك عربي

Facebook chat and calls:

Enjoy communicating with all Arab Facebook users via text messages. The messaging application supports indicators for accessing and reading messages. It also provides you with several different tones for incoming messages. This includes hundreds of stickers and various expressions. Add to all of the above the ability to exchange photos and videos with others with just one click. Download facebook latest version.

On the other hand, facebook apk allows you to make audio and video calls with anyone in your friends list. The communications have high quality and high-quality sound and clarity, which guarantees you the least interruption rate after downloading facebook for computer from Mediafire.

Programs that can be used with the Facebook Apk program:

To communicate through Facebook, you need to have another application, which is Messenger, and it is available in two versions, Facebook Messenger and Messenger Lite, where you will not be able to communicate with text messages, voice calls, video calls, or send and receive files except through one of these applications.

In the event that you want to communicate with your customers, you need to have the Facebook Pages Manager application, through which you can respond to customer inquiries and manage your business pages. You can get the page management application through the following link Facebook Pages Manager.

Another application is also available if you are running advertising campaigns on Facebook called Facebook Ads Manager. In order to manage and control your advertising campaigns, you need to have that application on your phone and you can download it through the following link: Facebook Ads Manager.

Stories on Facebook Apk:

Post a story or a collection of daily stories with your friends, the story continues to appear in front of others for 24 hours from the time of its publication, it is a photo or video clip with a maximum of 30 seconds. You can publish it from Facebook or through the Messenger program.

Live broadcast on Facebook:
Download and enjoy communicating with all your followers at the same time, there is no limit to the broadcast, allowing you to stay for long hours on the air, as soon as you go out live, Facebook sends instant notifications to all your friends and followers, so it will not be a task to attract Views are assigned to you.

Facebook groups:

Once you download facebook for mobile, you can create a new group, whether it is public, closed or even secret, and you can send a request to join closed groups and wait for approval or rejection of your request by the administrators, the group is able to accommodate an unlimited number of people, you have complete freedom Activate or disable alerts for each group separately.

Groups after downloading Facebook are an effective method of communication between large numbers of users in various fields, activities, interests, and more. It is worth noting that the group name cannot be changed later, this is just a few of many.

Pages that can be created in Facebook:

There are big differences between Page and Group after downloading Facebook Mobile for mobile, Pages are often celebrities or

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