‘Doctor Strange 2’ tops Friday as ‘Firestarter’ drops 65%

‘Doctor Strange 2’ tops Friday as ‘Firestarter’ drops 65%

In news that doesn’t concern Everything, everywhere, all at once (which topped $50 million yesterday and will become A24’s biggest national earner today), Walt Disney’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness earned an additional $8.5 million (-50%) on Friday. This brings its domestic consumption to $319 million, just above Thor: Ragnarok ($315 million) and iron man 2 ($312 million). Sam Raimi and Michael Waldron’s MCU sequel is expected to gross around $30.4 million (-51%) in its third weekend to end Day 17 with $337 million.

It will be past the likes of (without inflation) Iron Man ($318 million), Deadpool 2 ($324 million), guardians of the galaxy ($333 million), Aquaman ($334 million), Joker ($335 million) and Spiderman 3 ($336 million). No, it’s (probably) not going to break $400 million domestically, but yes, it’s still a massive hit. This is especially true for a film that is (apart from the pre-release hype) “just” a strange doctor after.

DreamWorks and Universal The villains earned an additional $1.42 million (-16%) on Friday for a likely weekend of $5.72 million (-19%) and a 31-day total of $74 million. Paramount and Sega sonic the hedgehog 2 earned an additional $920,000 (-12%) on Friday to set the stage for a likely weekend of $3.95 million (-15%) and $181 million in domestic cume. He’s still looking at domestic revenue probably above/below $190 million.

It will arrive on Paramount+ and PVOD this Tuesday, though The lost city thankfully hasn’t slowed down since arriving on PVOD and streaming just under two weeks ago. The Sandra Bullock/Channing Tatum rom-com adventure grossed $415,000 (-12%) on Friday for a likely weekend of $1.55 million (-9%). That will take it to $99.3 million, guaranteeing it will cross $100 million domestically over Memorial Day weekend.

The only new wide release from last week, Fire starter, earned $540,000 (-65%) on Friday for a probable gross of $1.73 million (-55%) in the second weekend and $5.6 million over ten days. Yeah, no need to kick someone when they’re already down. However, I will again note the danger of offering an inferior remake at a time when the comparatively better original/first adaptation is available on the same streaming service.

W.B. Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets will earn $1.83 million (-28%) for a cumulative 38-day run of $93 million. It should arrive on HBO Max and PVOD within a week from Monday, for those who have been curious but willing to wait. Focusing characteristics’ The man from the north will earn around $1 million (-42%) for a 31-day total of $33 million. Fun fact: the original, with a $70 million budget The man from the north earned 33% more than the $90 million Conan the Barbarian relaunched in the summer of 2011.

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