Dijak wrestled in WWE NXT’s first match in over two years

Dijak wrestled in WWE NXT’s first match in over two years

For the first time since his match against Carrion Cross July 14, 2020, episode of “WWE NXT.” Dijak returns to his old stomping grounds on Tuesday to wrestle Dante Chen. Dizak made quick work of Chen 11/29 “NXT” Registering his first win since His return to the Black and Gold brand last week.

After the match, Dijak sent a stern warning to the rest of the “NXT” roster, insisting that the way he dominated Chain was his “version of justice” that no one could escape from. The veteran wrestler also called out Breaker’s opponents on Deadline — “WWE NXT” champion Braun Breaker and Apollo Crews — as he insisted he returned to WWE’s developmental show to “get anyone out of his way.”

Along with the change in his overall presentation was noticeable Dijak wrestles in a completely different style – compared to Dominik Djakovic’s time – as he focused on power moves, chokeslams, suplexes, big boots and sleeper holds before finishing off Chain with Fist Your Eyes (Torture Rack in GTS). Several fans on social media noted how Dijac “wrestling like a big man” was a throwback to the 80s and 90s and praised Dijac for reinventing himself and his in-ring style. Some have drawn comparisons to Dijak’s new presentation and character Late WWE Hall of Famer Bigg Boss Man.

It looks like Dijac may be next in line to challenge for the “WWE NXT” Championship, as he called out both Breaker and the Crew in his promo Tuesday night. Dijack did not receive a title shot at the brand’s top prize during his previous tenure but received multiple cracks at winning the “NXT” North American Championship from his former tag team partner Keith Lee. It remains to be seen if Dijak is booked for the match at the Deadline Premium live event scheduled for Saturday, December 10.

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