Debbie Gibson’s abs are ultra-toned in a pink bra top in an IG video

Debbie Gibson’s abs are ultra-toned in a pink bra top in an IG video

  • Debbie Gibson Her sculpted abs are on display while totally rocking a shiny new bra top.
  • The singer, 52, got busy promoting midterm election voting and the launch of her new cameo in two Instagram videos she posted.
  • Debbie takes a balanced approach to her workouts and diet.

They are, they are just like us! and the singer Debbie Gibson It’s here to prove it. In a new Instagram video, the “Foolish Beat” singer, 53, shared the most relatable video of herself baring her junk while reminding everyone to get out and vote in the recent midterm elections. And he’s looking Super It’s powerful while doing it.

In the first video, Debbie Wearing a sparkly, pink bra top that highlights her incredibly toned abs with pink leggings. She accessorized the look with a white moto jacket and pumps. (I think everyone wants to see them that Better take out the garbage!)

“Yes! This is the day! 💃🏿 🗑. Here to express yourself as you please 🌚💞🍸#moon #bluemoon #fullnoon #eclipse #vote #voting,” she said. Caption Her videos had her fans loving her spicy take on trash day. “Wow! This dress is amazing on you! 😍 @debbiegibson 🙌🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️,” wrote one. Another commented, “
Girl! You just have to work on it! 👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥”

But he didn’t end there. Debbie Also another fun holiday themed share Instagram reel In a cameo, his followers wear the same clothes to promote his availability. Of course, the video also gives her followers another close-up view of her spectacularly toned core. (FYI, he released his new album, winterlast month!)

Debbie obviously does more than take out the trash to stay active. One of her favorite workouts Spinning, which definitely gets your heart racing. Sometimes, he also chooses to walk. “I have one the peloton To use when I want. But I do 10 or 15 minutes Low impact work. Then I walking my dog the worldOr do things that feel like they flow and fit into my life,” she said Hello! magazine.

Debbie loves to get in too Cardio and weight at home. “I also have an elliptical machine, and I do my own version of a workout with light weights and a Pilates ring,” she said. The New York Times.

Debbie said this Hello! magazine that she used to “exercise. I’d wake up and run the stadium steps in L.A. and then I’d swim and then something else,” but these days, she approaches her workouts with more balance, and she puts her energy into performing and dancing. “On stage, I’ll push my limits. But I don’t over-exercise otherwise,” she said has been added.

When it comes to her diet, Debbie keeps it real about her love for yummy food. “Here’s what’s so funny. I want to tell you that I have all this willpower with food. But it’s the opposite. I love pizza and donuts,” she said. Hello! magazine.

Instead, Debbie focuses on portion control. “Nutrition is very important to how you look, and I don’t mean weight. It’s about being clean. I don’t eat huge plates of food because my body can’t handle it. I end up with fatigue or pain or other unpleasant. Symptoms, ” he shared.

One of his favorite foods? burrata here proof:

Keep being you, Debbie!

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