Dean McDermott shares photo of Tori Spelling with caption ‘hot wife alert’

Dean McDermott shares photo of Tori Spelling with caption ‘hot wife alert’

Dean McDermott Moaning about his wife.

Wednesday, the of ex and uh The podcast host, 56, shared a stunning photo Spell it out In a shiny black jacket and beautiful makeup with captions.

“I mean… HOLY SMOKE SHOW!!! HOT WIFE ALERT!!” she captioned the photo of the 49-year-old.

She added that she was “gorgeous” and “hottie” in the Instagram post’s hashtag.

Sweet tributes followed after the couple reunited for the family’s annual Christmas photo. After sharing the holiday card, Spelling revealed that she was happy because family members, including McDermott, were in the holiday photo. Noticeably absent in 2021.

“We’re all in this together ❤️,” he emphasized In the caption.

The couple shared five children together: Liam Aaron15, Stella Doreen14, Hattie Margaret10, Finn Davey10, and 5½ years old Beau DeanBut McDermott kept their relationship long-distance as he filmed the Canadian television drama Pretty hard case. McDermott has another son Jack, 24.

Due to the distance, the couple has been met with numerous rumors of marital problems over the years which only intensified after they spent New Years apart and spelled out that they Sleeping in different rooms.


Also a clue Shared with people As of late 2021 that spell still held major trust issues that came as a result McDermott’s Betrayal Before the relationship.

“Tori still has major trust issues. The part of their relationship that she was unfaithful to was never fully repaired,” the source said. “They’re living separate lives. They’ll still have family meals and the occasional outing, but it’s for the kids.”

was a couple first seen Spending time together again during an outing in September. In a rare sighting, they spent their day eating pizza in Calabasas, California.

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