Daniela Karagach, Pasha Pashkov are expecting a baby

Daniela Karagach, Pasha Pashkov are expecting a baby

dancing with the stars the crown A new champion Monday, however DWTS The family will grow even more this spring.

People can exclusively express that DWTS professional Daniela Karagach And Pasha Pashkov They are expecting their first child in May.

“We’ve wanted a family since we got married and we’ve been married for eight and a half years, so we’re more than ready to have a baby,” Karagach, 30, tells PEOPLE. “We wanted to start planning this year and it just so happened that the timing was perfect. I actually found out I was pregnant. [DWTS season 31’s] Premiere day.”

Karagach – who tied the knot with Pashkov, 36, in 2014 – says Season 31 partner Joseph Brothers Didn’t know about her pregnancy, but “she’s a sweetheart and she was really gentle with me, even though she didn’t know.”

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Joseph Brothers and Daniela Karagach.
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The New York City resident experienced “no nausea from day one” and found herself a little more self-conscious about her body while competing during her first trimester.

“My body is so used to dancing and being active that if I go the other way, it’s too much for my body,” says Karagach. “My doctor was like, ‘The dancing you do is actually healthy for the baby.’ It was refreshing to hear.”

Karagach and Pashkov informed them DWTS castmates about the baby news before Monday’s finale, and he told the NBA star Iman ShumpertHis partner with whom he is Won the Mirrorball Trophy In 2021, “funniest” was the response.

“I can’t wait to have a baby dancing with the stars family,” says Karagach. “They are all so loving and supportive, so it was very special to share this news with them.”

Associate Pro Whitney Carson announced her pregnancy Earlier this month and Val Chmerkovskiy‘s wife Jenna Johnson Due for the 31st season her pregnancySo there are a lot of friends in Karagac going through a similar journey as well.

“I’m definitely going to reach out to a lot of my friends on the show,” she says. “All the help we can get!”

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Karagach and Pashkov plan to find out the baby’s gender during Thanksgiving. “Pasha and I really want a girl, but as long as the baby is healthy, we will take care of it,” says Karagach.

But couples go back and forth on what they think the baby’s gender might actually be. “Sometimes we subconsciously talk about the baby as ‘she’, sometimes as ‘she’, so every day it feels different,” explains Pashkov. “When we told our family, everyone had a different guess.”

Karagach feels comfortable going into parenthood. “I think it will come second nature to us,” she says. “I can’t wait to see Pasha become a father because he is unreal with children. No worries, no pressure. I feel calm. The baby is just going to change our lives for the better.”

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In addition to welcoming a baby, Karagach and Pashkov plan to celebrate another big life moment in the near future: buying a home.

“We want to settle down and eventually buy a house and start our new chapter,” Karagach said. “And then hopefully three months after I give birth, we’ll be back on the show. We have plans for the future. Hopefully everything will go smoothly.”

Parents will not participate in upcoming events DWTS Travel in favor of spending time preparing for this coming change.

“On the one hand, we already can’t wait to meet this baby, but on the other hand, we want to enjoy this journey,” Pashkov said. “The baby is going to be born with so much love and care.”

Karagach agrees. “We’re probably going to smother the baby with love and they’re going to be so annoyed with us kissing them all the time,” she quips. “There’s so much love to give and I can’t wait to finally give it to a little kid.”

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