Damien (MAPR 6) séparé de Pauline ? Il répond

Damien (MAPR 6) séparé de Pauline ? Il répond

Damien, candidate for the sixth season of Married at first sight posted a new story on his Instagram account this Tuesday, August 23, 2022. He responded to rumors of separation with his wife Pauline, met in the program.

Monday, March 21, M6 launched the new season of Married at first sight. A program eagerly awaited by viewers, despite the many controversies when it was launched in 2016. Indeed, some defenders of marriage had denounced that the principles of the latter were totally flouted. Finally, the chain decided to ignore these many criticisms and it was right. Married at first sight is now in its sixth edition and audiences continue to increase season after season.

And the least we can say, is that this one was full of twists and turns. Some candidates have been talked about a lot like Caroline. The young woman quickly annoyed Internet users with her many demands and her not always very correct attitude with her husband Axel. But one of the couples was unanimous, it’s about Pauline and Damien. The two strangers have fallen in love with each other, and since the end of the adventure, they have not left each other.

Still so in love

Unfortunately, they were linked by a terrible tragedy, Pauline’s two miscarriages, one in May, the other in June. A subject he had agreed to comment on Instagram : “I wanted to apologize for my absence from the networks, but you know what happened to us with Pauline, so it was important for us to find each other a little bit. In any case, I have read all your messages and I really wanted to thank you because you are just adorable and it warms my heart and above all it is a support that we really needed. So thank you from the bottom of my heart. Life goes on”.

And for a few weeks, the couple is once again discreet on social networks. It was enough for the rumors of separation to start running on social networks. Tuesday August 23, 2022, Damien organized a question and answer session on Instagram and obviously the question of the separation was addressed by a user: “Did you separate with Pauline? We don’t see you together anymore?”, what the candidate of Married at first sight replied: “At all, we had just cut the networks a little, hence perhaps this impression”. This is something to reassure fans of the program!

Instagram screenshot – Damien MAPR6


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