Couple attacked after Elton John concert in Dodger Stadium parking lot – Deadline

Couple attacked after Elton John concert in Dodger Stadium parking lot – Deadline

Elton John is wrapping up the tour and one of its last stops was at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. Although it was supposed to be a night of celebration, a couple was brutally attacked after one of John’s concerts.

A man was beaten unconscious after a “fender bender” on Thursday, Nov. 17, Los Angeles Police Department Officer Mike Lopez told City News Service.

Although the details of the incident are not known, the police are investigating the situation. A man and his wife were involved in an accident after the “Rocket Man” singer’s performance at the stadium. Lopez said the couple got out of their car and things turned violent.

A woman hit another woman and a man hit another man. Video immediately after the attack shows a man lying motionless on the ground, still being assaulted — possibly by multiple assailants — even as others try to stop and defuse the violence. The man’s wife is seen pulling her husband by his hair as she tries to check him.

“Everybody was gone when the police got there,” Lopez said.

Officers met with the victims at a hospital, where they were being treated, and took a report of alleged battery. The man suffered a concussion and a broken ankle, among other injuries, CBS 2 reported.

The station reported that the man’s wife said she tried to revive him for about 45 minutes, believing him to be dead before he finally regained consciousness.

TMZ Some posted a video capturing the violence and reported that both victims were in their 60s.

A woman claiming to be the victim’s daughter — and a nurse — posted Friday on Instagram that her father was hospitalized with fractures and head injuries but that both parents “were passed out on the ground.”

He claimed that four men and two women attacked the couple and that the guides or security officers made no attempt to stop them and is now appealing for the public’s help in identifying the alleged attackers.

City News Service contributed to this report.

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