Christopher Gorham and Becki Newton Bring ‘Ugly Betty’ Characters to Life on the Set of ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ – Deadline

Christopher Gorham and Becki Newton Bring ‘Ugly Betty’ Characters to Life on the Set of ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ – Deadline

Chris Gorham and Becky Newton revived them Ugly Betty the characters Henry Grubstick and Amanda Tanen, respectively, for some silly skits while working on filming their new series, netflixit is Lincoln’s lawyer.

Gorham as Henry and Newton as Amanda

In a Deadline-exclusive video (above), Amanda spotted a man who looks like Betty Suarez’s (America Ferrera) boyfriend Henry. In shock, she calls her best friend Marc (Michael Urie) to tell him about this mysterious guy.

“Mark, it’s me. I have something important to tell you,” she told the person on the line. “Grubstick has a twin who is really hot. I just saw it and I’m going to text you pictures all day. Alright, stay tuned.

Gorham laughs thinking about making the videos with Newton, who he says is one of the partners he’s seen regularly since his stint. Ugly Betty finished. Although the couple only had a few days when their schedules coincided during Lincoln’s lawyer, they definitely had the past in mind.

“I can’t remember when I last saw Becki before Lincoln’s lawyer, but we’ve always seen each other once every two years, at least,” Gorham told Deadline. “I remember being very nervous when we were negotiating with the Netflix series because I thought the producers were going to set up that Becki and I had worked together before. I was also afraid that they would give me the part because [my character] Trevor Elliot is so different from Henry Grubstick. She was the first person I spoke to after everything was done and it was really great to work with her again. She is totally adorable.

Chris Gorham

Christopher Gorham as Trevor Elliot in “The Lincoln Lawyer”

Newton wasn’t the only person in the cast of the Netflix series that Gorham has worked with before. In 1997, he appeared in four episodes of party of five next to neve campbellwho plays Maggy McPherson in Lincoln’s lawyer.

“When I did party of five, Neve and I shared a few scenes but we didn’t really interact so we didn’t spend much time together at the time. I mostly worked with Jennifer Love Hewitt and Scott Wolf,” he shares. “This time we got to know each other better. She was so beautiful and really nice.

Gorham’s role in Lincoln’s lawyer was quite opposite to most of the characters he brought to life throughout his career. Trevor is a technical brother accused of killing his wife and her lover who finds himself with a new lawyer, Mickey Haller (Manuel Garcia Rulfo) after the murder of his first lawyer.

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t finished watching the series, the following contains the main plot points from the finale.

“When I got the first script, I didn’t know on that first reading that he had done it,” Gorham reveals. “Having done enough television, we work really hard in the first and second scenes to make him look innocent and trustworthy. So I was pretty sure he did, but I didn’t know that right from the start. leaving. In fact, after being chosen, it was one of the first questions that [executive producer] Ted [Humprey] my request. I told him he probably killed his wife, but it’s really important to plan so the public doesn’t find out. I did it by deciding that despite the violence and all, Trevor loved his wife. And that Mickey was right that he had become addicted to the success, money, and attention he received from taking credit for Lara’s breakthrough. It’s kind of tragic because the drugs win and it’s not really a happy ending for anyone.

He added, “That cocktail scene where Trevor finally takes off his mask and is such an asshole to Mickey was so awesome. It’s really fun to be the bad guy.

Lincoln’s lawyer is available to stream in its entirety via Netflix.

Gorham’s second Ugly Betty sketch with Becky Newton can be found below.

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