Chris Hemsworth fears he’ll be drowning in endless new shows

Chris Hemsworth fears he’ll be drowning in endless new shows

Chris Hemsworth is pushing the boundaries of what his body can do in his new six-episode Disney+ original series from National Geographic, and PEOPLE has an exclusive first look!

inside Unlimited with Chris Hemsworth39 years old thor Actors meet world-class experts to learn about revolutionary new research and long-standing traditions that can help people live healthier, smarter and longer lives.

Hemsworth goes through a series of extraordinary challenges designed by experts in an attempt to understand the limits of the human body – trials like “downproofing”, a Special Forces resilience training technique where one’s hands and feet are tied while they are tasked with completing a task. A series of underwater actions such as flipping, swimming and floating.

“The goal is to kick down 20 times, splitting me into just one second to give me enough air,” Hemsworth explained in an exclusive clip from the episode, which premieres Nov. 16.

“All kinds of stupid things are going through my head,” he says in the clip. “Now I’m starting to wonder, what if I really drowned?”


If that sounds scary, that’s because it is. In fact, its entire purpose is to raise Hemsworth’s stress-level so he can practice positive self-talk, a psychological technique that helps him reframe his mindset.

Even for Hemsworth, that’s easier said than done. “I feel like I put myself in situations that I wasn’t prepared for,” Hemsworth says in the clip.

“Of course I know I have enough oxygen, I know these guys won’t let me drown, but I can feel my heart racing… the pressure is rising… I can feel my lungs starting to burn. ..” he said. added “It’s brutal, and it’s getting harder and harder. I can’t even lift my head enough to breathe. That’s when the panic sets in.”


Hemsworth failed his first attempt at the test, though viewers will have to watch the full episode to see if he improves. Social psychologist Dr. Modupe Akinola guided Hemsworth in his stress-proof trial.

“Modup has a way of smiling at you and making you feel like he’s looking cute while he’s asking you to do something awful!” Hemsworth said. i am

As a stress and resilience expert at Columbia Business School, Modup has “extensively researched why some people thrive under stress while others succumb to it,” the release reads. “His research shows that changing our understanding of stress, recognizing our power to master it, and even harnessing its performance-enhancing benefits rather than trying to avoid it, means we can reduce the risk of stress-induced illnesses that affect so many. Us, especially as we age.”


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Unlimited with Chris Hemsworth Created by Darren Aronofsky and produced by Protozoa and Jane Root’s Nutopia.

In addition to the physical challenges, the series promises to show Hemsworth’s emotional side, which “reveals a deep, vulnerable and honest side as he faces life’s harshest realities.”

All its episodes Unlimited with Chris Hemsworth Hits Disney+ on November 16.

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