Brooke Shields has the perfect response when kids ask why she doesn’t cook

Brooke Shields has the perfect response when kids ask why she doesn’t cook

Brooke Shields He has the perfect answer to why he doesn’t cook on holidays.

In Tuesday’s episode The Rachael Ray ShowThe actress, 57, chatted with host Rachel Ray about her family’s festivities, sharing that her two daughters “always complain” that their mom doesn’t cook.

“They always complain to me, ‘Why don’t you cook? Other moms cook,’ ” she said of daughters Greer, 16, and Rowan, 19.

In response to her own question, Shields said, “I’m sorry, I’m busy making Christmas movies for you to watch,” prompting the audience to burst into applause.

The beautiful baby The star says her husband Chris Henchy usually cooks for Thanksgiving and they share a funny tradition when it comes to food.

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“The tradition that happens now is my husband smokes brisket and pork shoulder and all that. We have to bring them through security,” she explained, noting her family visits her stepmother in Florida for the holidays.

“You are traveling with meat, and [airport security] Know us and they’re like ‘brisket’? Brisket again? Really?’ ” he said with a laugh. “They see us coming and then you see Little Pig’s shoulder getting X-rayed. This is our tradition.”

Over the holiday weekend, the actress, 57, shared a sweet series of photos Instagram from him Celebrating Thanksgiving with his family.

The first photo shows Shields and Henchy with their two daughters as they pose for a family photo with palm trees in the background. Shields and her daughters wore floral dresses for the occasion while Henchy opted for a button-down and check blazer.

Shields also posted a selfie with her older daughter after the pair apparently went on a run together. Rowan proudly sported a tank top from his college, Wake Forest, while his mom showed off his medal on the run.

“My heart ❤️ I hope you felt full of love, gratitude and turkey yesterday! Sending love from our family to you,” the actress wrote.

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