Brendan Fraser takes us through his most iconic character

Brendan Fraser takes us through his most iconic character

There is a predictable narrative arc associated with celebrity. At first, celebrities will become the center of attention for their skills or looks. Having ascended to a higher level of public interest, they will choose either a dirty industry or a horrible life which lowers their professional stock. Once a celebrity enters their decade of decline, they can potentially unlock America’s favorite part of the celebrity arc: the redemption story. To be clear, not every famous person has access to the Redemption Arc, but those who re-enter the center stage of public discourse rarely shrink in size.

Brendan Fraser is currently in the midst of an amazing and unlikely comeback. For most of his career, Hollywood positioned Fraser as a heartthrob for his features and physique, but now audiences are finally beginning to appreciate the depth of Fraser’s talent as an actor. In the video linked above, Fraser sits down with GQ to discuss his most iconic role.

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