Bill to bring the players to the airport, fans gather

Bill to bring the players to the airport, fans gather

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The Bills play a home game in Detroit tomorrow. If they can move from their home to Detroit.

“What are we doing? We can do everything possible To pull it up and get to the airport and get to Detroit this afternoon,” Bills COO Ron Racquia said, via Tim Graham of “Every aspect of the organization is a part of this effort.”

Efforts extend beyond the organization. Via, fans shoveling and blowing snow At the players’ home.

Many would say that the bills should not be so closed. Regarding criticism that the Bills should have gone earlier, Rakuya said the game was not moved until Thursday afternoon, and that it was not logistically possible to arrange a charter flight and a flight crew and lodging.

Still, they could have started making contingency plans the moment the forecast suggested a potential problem. Same as TuesdayEveryone knew what was coming.

Four days later, it looks like the Bills will travel to Detroit to face the Browns.

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