Bethenny Frankel calls photo editing ‘reckless’ and ‘destructive’

Bethenny Frankel calls photo editing ‘reckless’ and ‘destructive’

Bethenny Frankel Said he never used a filter.

“It’s desperate, it’s devastating and it’s massive,” she said says Oprah Daily Facetune, Photoshop and other extreme filtering and photo editing apps.

In the interview – where he poses the question “Why doesn’t anyone look like themselves anymore?” — Frankel says there’s a significant difference between applying cosmetics and sharing an altered image.

The The Real Housewives of New York City the star Says that “makeup is realistic and true,” while “filtering is false.”

“You can tell when someone is wearing makeup,” she says “You can’t always tell when they’ve perverted themselves.”

The star, who has received Botox, fillers and other cosmetic procedures, says there’s one big difference between plastic surgery and filtering: honesty.

“Plastic surgery I’ll do, and I want to do it before it changes a lot and before it’s drastic,” she says, adding that no matter what, “I’ll be honest about it.”

The Bravo star says her opinion of the filters is not their effect on herself – saying the altered images “don’t affect me negatively at all” – but rather the next generation,

“They’re not the influence I want on my child or other children,” she said, adding, “The wrong people are the biggest influence in this country.”

Frankel also dropped the name of the Kardashians, whom he called “K’s” in his conversation about filtering, saying he had “talked” about them before.

“Some celebrities say, ‘I look this way because I don’t drink and I sleep a lot,'” she says. “People are lying.”

He continued, “See a celebrity or a [Real] Housewives personal vs. their social media and [the difference] Shocked.”

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This isn’t the first time Frankel has spoken out about filtering on social media. This star in September She posted before and after filtered photos.

“The online world we live in is crazy,” he wrote in the caption. “It’s very important that we recognize what’s going on with filtering and photoshopping and outright lying.”

“Are we all buying the message?” he asks in the post. “What are we sharing with our children?”

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