Balenciaga: French luxury brand Balenciaga launches ‘completely destroyed’ sneakers at Rs 1.42 lakh, Twitter not amused

Balenciaga: French luxury brand Balenciaga launches ‘completely destroyed’ sneakers at Rs 1.42 lakh, Twitter not amused

Luxury fashion label Balenciaga, which has a reputation for offering “uncompromising standards” at a high price, is back in the news and this time it’s not for a fancy collection but to offer a weird product at a high price.

The high-end brand has launched its limited collection of sneakers dubbed ‘Paris Sneaker’, which are “completely destroyed”. The shoes are sold in two styles – high and backless mules.

But the strange condition of the shoes isn’t the only reason Balenciaga is making headlines. The cost of shoes also raises eyebrows.

The high top and mule variant of the Completely Destroyed Shoes costs between $625 (Rs 48,378 approx) to $1,850 (Rs 1,43,198 approx). The sneakers are currently available for pre-order and come in black or brown.

The “fully destroyed” sneakers feature holes on the cotton sides, top and back while the brand logo flashes on the edge of the shoes.

The luxury brand suggested that the ripped and ripped sneakers are meant to be worn for a lifetime. Hundreds of limited edition shoes of “those extra destroyed sneakers” will be available on the brand’s website while supplies last.

Shortly after the company launched the “Paris Sneaker”, it was criticized on different platforms on social networks, because users did not make sense to pay a heavy price for worn and destroyed shoes.

Livia Firth, ethical fashion activist and ex-wife of Colin Firth, took to Instagram to slam the luxury brand, saying selling something expensive that is destroyed is “beyond offensive to those who wear shoes like this because they can’t even afford a basic meal.”

“I need you to help me understand how I feel about the new limited edition @balenciaga sneakers…. Part of me is totally offended, I don’t know the price, but I’m sure they aren’t cheap and buying something so wrecked is beyond offensive to people I’ve met who wore shoes like these because they couldn’t even afford meals On the other hand, what is Balenciaga trying to say? Fashion is art yes and there have been many provocations throughout its history. But what is the If it please help me. Maybe I didn’t do my homework properly…” Firth’s Instagram post read.

While another person in the comments section called out high fashion for “always doing this thing where it provides rich people with clothes that more or less pokes fun at or mimics what the average person is dealing with.”

“I mean even the popularity of blue jeans, the working class uniform…without really interfering with the problem. And because it’s called ‘art’, it can happen again and again, however unpleasant may it be,” the person, going by username ajabarber, commented.

Many echoed the same sentiments on Twitter. Looked:

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