Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2022 Betting Odds – Who’s the Favorite on the Streets of Baku?

Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2022 Betting Odds – Who’s the Favorite on the Streets of Baku?

Formula 1 is back on the streets of Baku for this weekend’s Azerbaijan Grand Prix, with Max Verstappen and Red Bull looking to extend their lead at the top of the drivers’ and constructors’ championships respectively. But what do betting odds say about their odds?

Verstappen has won four of the opening seven races this year, but Charles Leclerc has proven he is the man to beat in qualifying – having already taken pole five times this season. Sergio Perez was in sparkling form last time out in Monaco, winning his first race of the season, and also won in Baku last year. So who do the odds favor this weekend?

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188BET odds are presented in decimal form: for every dollar wagered, you will earn the number represented by the odds; so if Verstappen is a 1.50 favorite, you’ll win $1.50 for every dollar wagered.

The odds of winning

The Azerbaijan Grand Prix is ​​notorious for producing chaotic races and has seen four different winners in the four editions of the race (five if you count the 2016 European Grand Prix, Baku’s debut on the F1 calendar). Mercedes and Red Bull are the only teams to have won in Baku, so expect Ferrari to come out strong as they seek to add their name to the list.

It will come as no surprise if the two favorites for the race are the top two in the drivers’ championship, as Verstappen edge out Leclerc. But keep an eye out for Mercedes, who generally performed well in Baku, so they can have a shot at securing their first win of the season.

Max Verstappen 2.10
Charles Leclerc 2.75
Sergio Perez 7.00
carlos sainz 9.00
george russell 26.0
Lewis Hamilton 34.0
Lando Norris, Valtteri Bottas 151
Daniel Ricciardo, Fernando Alonso, Pierre Gasly 301
Esteban Ocon, Kevin Magnussen, Sebastian Vettel, Yuki Tsunoda 601
Alexander Albon, Lance Stroll, Mick Schumacher, Nicholas Latifi, Zhou Guanyu 901

Charles Leclerc has been very strong in qualifying this season and will look to continue that fine form in Baku

The odds for who will be the fastest in qualifying?

Charles Leclerc is the favourite, having been in perfect qualifying form this season. The Monegasque driver has qualified on pole in the last three consecutive races – in Miami, Barcelona and Monaco. Leclerc also put him on pole against all odds in last year’s Azerbaijan Grand Prix, ahead of Lewis Hamilton.

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Verstappen, on the other hand, has never been on pole in Baku, but few drivers on the grid have. So what do the odds of qualifying say?

Charles Leclerc 2.00
Max Verstappen 2.20
Carlos Sainz, Sergio Perez 11.00
George Russell, Lewis Hamilton 34.0
Lando Norris, Valtteri Bottas 67.0
Fernando Alonso 151.0
Daniel Ricciardo, Esteban Ocon 301
Kevin Magnussen, Pierre Gasly 601
Alexander Albon, Lance Stroll, Mick Schumacher, Nicholas Latifi, Sebastian Vettel, Yuki Tsunoda, Zhou Guanyu 901

Mercedes are the only team to seal a double victory in Baku and hope to enter the race for the podium places this weekend.

Chances of a podium

The 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix produced a remarkable race that saw Sebastian Vettel’s Aston Martin and Pierre Gasly’s AlphaTauri join Perez’s Red Bull on the podium. With Red Bull and Ferrari dominating the podiums this year, that kind of outcome might seem unlikely, but it’s not to be overlooked.

Lewis Hamilton is a previous winner at this circuit and George Russell has twice finished on the podium this season, so if Mercedes can get their car into the right window, both drivers could be on the hunt for silverware.

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Based on form, Lando Norris and 2019 Baku winner Valtteri Bottas are two drivers to watch this weekend, but what do the odds say?

Max Verstappen 1.25
Charles Leclerc 1h30
Sergio Perez 1.80
carlos sainz 2.20
George Russell, Lewis Hamilton 4.50
Lando Norris 7.00
Valtteri Bottas 11.00
Fernando Alonso 15.0
Daniel Ricciardo, Kevin Magnussen and Pierre Gasly 34.0
Stephen Ocon 41.0
Mick Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel 51.0
Lance Stroll, Yuki Tsunoda 101
Zhou Guanyu 201
Alexander Albon 601
Nicholas Latifi 901

Lando Norris stole the fastest lap point and finished P6 in the final race at Monaco

The fastest lap odds

With the championship battle so close, the fastest lap point will be incredibly valuable for both teams at the top. Max Verstappen set the fastest lap of last year’s race, but as he failed to finish it didn’t count.

Baku is quite a long circuit, so could one of the front riders avoid the laggards and set the fastest lap, or could someone in the middle of the pack steal an extra point late in the race, like Norris did it in Monaco? Let’s see what the odds say…

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Max Verstappen 2.00
Charles Leclerc 2.50
Sergio Perez 9.00
carlos sainz 12:00 p.m.
Lando Norris 34.0
Fernando Alonso, George Russell, Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas 67.0
Daniel Ricciardo, Esteban Ocon, Kevin Magnussen, Pierre Gasly 101
Alexander Albon, Lance Stroll, Mick Schumacher, Nicholas Latifi, Sebastian Vettel, Yuki Tsunoda, Zhou Guanyu 251

As the championship battle draws near, Red Bull and Ferrari will both be aiming to take the maximum points available this weekend in Baku

What are the odds for which team will take the most points?

The two teams in contention for the championship are the favourites, with Red Bull slightly ahead of Ferrari. But the odds tell us that Mercedes are now comfortably the third-best team and could be in a position to take advantage if anything were to happen up front, as they have done a few times this season.

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McLaren are dark horses. They have a driver in Daniel Ricciardo who is looking to bounce back from a string of tough results, and is one of four drivers currently on the grid to have won in Baku. Norris, meanwhile, is in good shape and finished P5 here last year.

Red Bull 1.60
Ferrari 2.20
mercedes 12.0
McLaren 67.0
Alfa Romeo 151
Alpha Tauri, Alpine 201
Aston Martin, Haas 501
williams 601

What is the probability that a safety car will appear during the race?

The safety car has made an appearance in six of the first seven races so far this season, including all four races held on street circuits. But what is the probability of seeing him again this weekend? The odds say…

Yes 1.16
Nope 4.50

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