Armie Hammer’s father Michael Armand Hammer has died of cancer at the age of 67

Armie Hammer’s father Michael Armand Hammer has died of cancer at the age of 67

Michael Armand HammerThe actor’s father is a businessman Army Hammer, passed away. He was 67 years old.

A source confirms to PEOPLE that Michael died of cancer.

TMZ was the first to break the news, adding that Michael — who is the grandson of oil magnate Armand Hammer, who ran Occidental Petroleum Corp. — died Sunday.

His death comes four months after Loke Army, 36, was confirmed Return to Los Angeles from the Cayman Islands, where sources said he was selling timeshares at a resort. According to the source, the actor-K sought treatment In 2021 for drug, alcohol and sex problems – “need money” her father “wouldn’t help her anymore and she was cut off.”

(Don’t confirm to people if an Army lawyer was an actor Actually selling timeshares But said, “It’s true that the media seems to be shaming him for ‘acting normal.'”)

A few months after applying for his wife Elizabeth Chambers Divorced in July 2020 After 10 years of marriage, Army was embroiled in controversy after messages detailing violent sexual fantasies from the actor were leaked online. The call by your name The actor was later Allegation of rape by a woman with whom he had an affair, which he categorically denied.

Victor Hammer, Angie Hammer, Michael Armand Hammer, Drew Hammer, Elizabeth Chambers and Armie Hammer in November 2014.
Tonya Wise/Invision/AP

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This past February, a source said the Army’s “The main priority is to be calm And keep calm for the kids and Elizabeth.”

Back in September 2020, the Army said British GQ About living separately with her family in an apartment in the Cayman Islands with Michael and stepmother Misty Millward, whom Michael proposed to in 2017. “It was really concentrated family time, which is really great with the kids, but it was intense,” she said at the time

“Handle it well? No. It was a very complex, intense situation, with big personalities all locked in a small space,” he added at the time. “It was tough, man. I’d never dealt with anything like that before in my life, so I didn’t have the tools. It was just this thing that was all over the top. I don’t think I handled it well. I think Kari, quite frankly, I came very close to losing my mind.”

“I felt completely powerless,” she continued. “And I was on an island where the lockdown was so severe that even the mail couldn’t get through. I felt like a wolf caught in a trap and wanting to chew my leg. , ‘I can’t do this. Get me out of here.’ ”

Army first Said to the vulture In 2017 his mother Drew Ann Mobley originally met Michael on a plane in a “neutral” way. Michael and ex-wife Drew share two sons, Army and Victor.

Greg Doherty/Getty

“My dad was supposed to be on a flight, went to the airport, and got hammered out. He missed his flight, woke up and was like, ‘Oh my God, I have a meeting!’ So he had to go on all the airlines and he got the last available seat on this little airline called Muse Air, which doesn’t even exist anymore,” Army said at the time. “He’s tall — 6-foot-2 — and extremely claustrophobic, so after sitting in this middle seat for a while, he stood up and said, ‘I’m sorry, everybody, but I really can’t do this. I’ve got somebody to switch seats with me.’ willing?’ ”

Continued Army, “And the person next to my mom was like, ‘Yeah, I’ll switch seats with you.’ So he sat next to my mom, who was traveling with her boyfriend at the time, even though he was asleep the whole flight. After they talked for a while and hit it off, my dad was like, ‘Is that yours? Boyfriend?’ And my mother said, ‘No.‘ And that’s how it all kind of started.

Casey Hammer, Michael’s sister, spoke A discovery + documentation That debut call earlier this year House of Hammer. The series looked at allegations against the Army as well as the “dark, twisted legacy of the Hammer dynasty” and family history.

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