Angels acquire Hunter Renfro for 3 pitchers: Is Los Angeles going all out?

Angels acquire Hunter Renfro for 3 pitchers: Is Los Angeles going all out?

Last season, the Angels didn’t get any production from their left fielders, a composite .208/.259/.339 line that has since been traded. Brandon MarshSo even Renfroe is an upgrade, though he could use a partner to face hard rights.

What does this say about angels?

Angels are going all in this time. This is a good move for the Angels’ chances of being competitive in 2023. However, there is natural skepticism for angels who consistently employ the same tactics. That said, the Angels needed a left fielder. And they got one. Don’t rely on them now I’m Adele or Mickey Maniak. And Renfrow has been a consistent 30 home run hitter. He has a career .790 OPS.

They have upgraded and they are a better team today than they were yesterday. The downside is trading three more pitchers, on top of the pitchers they traded earlier in the week. The Angels don’t have a deep enough farm system to shut down shipping players. – Bloom

In return the brewers get

In return, the Brewers get three potential relievers, none of whom have been very good to date.

Junk is a sinker/slider guy with nothing plus, and he doesn’t have a good enough arm to project as a starter in lefties right now. Peguero is also a sinker/slider guy, though the fastball doesn’t sink so much as sit in the middle of the zone, and neither pitch was very effective for him even though he hit 100 mph. The lefty Seminaris has only worked as a starter at three levels this year but has struggled badly in Double A and Triple A because he can’t strike out right-handers, is available to lefties in the bottom slot and has a cross-fire delivery that helps his fastball play a little higher.

That’s consistent with Renfro’s one-year trade, especially in what was probably a peak year for his bat. – the law

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