Amy Adams reveals why daughter Aviana made a cameo in ‘Disenchanted’

Amy Adams reveals why daughter Aviana made a cameo in ‘Disenchanted’

Amy Adams Opened up about what daughter Aviana was like on set.

appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden Monday, the isolated The star, 48, spoke about her 12-year-old cameo in the film.

“We were under really tight Covid restrictions, so if we wanted to spend the day, I had to invite him to be in the movie,” the 48-year-old actress explained. “So he’s walking through the market and looking longingly at a dragonfruit, and his mom pulls him in. It was really cool.”

Having Aviana on set helped Adams discover that her daughter had a flair for tracking continuity. “When you’re working on film, you have to do the same thing over and over again, and he was really strict about it,” Ma revealed.

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“It was one of his favorite things to learn about. He now likes to point out continuity errors,” he shared.

Corden joked that the tween can spot flaws through her mom’s old movies, which Addams is game for. “That would be really fun,” she laughed.

Talking about movies on Australia project On the talk show last week, the actress became emotional as she connected the film’s message to those she teaches Aviana.

“I learned something, I think I learned the moment he was born, not to get overly personal, that I had an idea of ​​who he was going to be and what his essence was,” The enchanted the star said

Adams explained that she quickly learned that what she wanted for her daughter was “just all projection.”

Amy Adams/Instagram, The Project

“The journey from the moment he’s born is to find out who he is, who he wants to be. Not even what I want for him, because of course I want the best for him, but he wants things for himself,” Adams shared.

“And really learning to listen and allowing him to be an autonomous being in this world is something that I have to remind myself of every day to, you know, try to solve all of his problems for him,” she added.

Adams went on to explain that he works hard Confirm his only child He has a “wonderful place” in the world, no matter who he is in this world and who he wants to be.

“I’ll love him no matter what,” Mom declared.

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