AEW Full Gear Results: Regal secures MJF World Title win

AEW Full Gear Results: Regal secures MJF World Title win

Its main event Full gear AEW World Champion John Moxley and his opponent Maxwell Jacob Friedman began by toppling each other as William Regal looked on at the challenger and the fans in Newark, New Jersey cheered.

Mox wasted no time trying to disabuse the Prudential Center crowd and MJF of any notion that we were going to have a changing of the guard on Saturday, November 19th. But Friedman fired back with a familiar strut and mind game with some cardio instead of a dive.

The Blackpool Combat Club member didn’t let that stop him from punishing MJF, but it might put him on the showboat a little more than usual. Mox questioned whether young Maxwell had the guts to take his belt, and seemed to want to show off his opponent as well as beating him.

That gave Friedman a chance to come back, but Mox seemed to have all the answers. That’s probably why MJF moved the timekeeper’s table to ringside and hit a tombstone piledriver on the apron that hit Max’s knee as much as Moxley’s spine. The veteran recovered to piledrive Friedman through the table he was trying to set up.

MJF’s knees were the target from there, which he was able to reverse with a figure four, forcing Moxley to scramble to break the ropes. It’s all Mox from there for a while, but Max manages to survive, including getting a finger on the bottom rope to save himself after taking an avalanche paradigm shift.

When Moxley enters the MJF with strikes, Satan rears his head. He pulls the referee into Mox’s way to save himself, then goes to his trunk for his dynamite diamond ring. Regal came down to ringside, telling Friedman not to win like that. Another ref bump follows, and with both officials down, MJF taps out while trapped in a bulldog choke. Regal then told Moxley to check the referee and slipped Maxwell his brass knuckles.

A punch, a three count, and a subtle nod from Regal… and the MJF era of AEW begins.

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