AEW Full Gear Results: Jericho retains the Wild ROH World Title in a 4way

AEW Full Gear Results: Jericho retains the Wild ROH World Title in a 4way

Ring of Honor World Title Match Full gear Tonight (November 19) was a combination of four men (Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara, Bryan Danielson and Claudio Castagnoli) and a few different storylines: reigning champion Jericho’s quest to destroy ROH’s past and rebuild it in his image, running Blackpool Fight Club. vs. the Jericho Appreciation Society war, and possible trouble between the latter group with Guevara as his mentor for him to lie down.

BCC teammates Danielson and Castagnoli were actually at odds at first, but William Regal’s troops could kick each other’s butt without getting personal…

It was much more intense when Sami dared Jericho to break up the pinfall attempt…

It takes a while, but Guevara nearly takes Ocho away from Jericho as he hits the GTH and follows it up with a shooting star press, but Ley manages to kick out the champion. Castagnoli then struck, grabbing Sammy above his head and tossing him out of the ring – only to take a busaiku knee from his teammate!

All three rivals then engaged in some thrilling eliminations, but Jericho once again stepped in to prevent Guevara from tapping out to the tag lock. Claudio gets a stretch to strut his stuff, culminating in a big swing on Sammy.

But that leaves him open for a pair of Judas Effects and Jericho heads to the ring final battle As a world champion. Will his fellow sex gods still be there behind him?

get full Full gear Results and entire show coverage here.

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