Adidas will sell Yeezy under a different name

Adidas will sell Yeezy under a different name

Aafter all, Adidas Will continue Kanye West’s Yeezy Line. But when they release, they will have a completely different name.

Adidas’ top executive revealed Wednesday that the business plans to release additional Yee-inspired shoes starting in 2023, but without using Yeezy Based on Brand Insider.

According to the report, Adidas insisted to their shareholders that the initial designs of the current Yeezy are solely owned by the corporation. Containing colors and silhouettes of shoes they believe they have the right to carry on as a result.

Adidas also provided some disappointing financial data, indicating that it expects to lose $500 million Annual income resulting from severance of Ye.

Executives assumed they would lose $247 million Alone this year.

Adidas is moving on without Kanye West

It is uncertain if they will keep the Yeezy inventory they currently have or re-release it with a revision. Regardless, it appears that “Yeezys” will soon be available once again.

Adidas specifically said the shoe designs were theirs when it originally disconnected the ear, hinting at the move. Kanye has not commented publicly on that attitude or the business’s intention to market the rebranded Yeezys.

We are aware of Kanye’s previous complaints regarding ownership. At the moment, he only has patents for Yeezy SlidesAt least on paper.

For the record, there has been 14 different Yeezy sneaker models have been launched over the years, and they have been successful so far.

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