According to reports, MLB is investigating the Mets, Yankees over possible inappropriate communications regarding Aaron Judge

According to reports, MLB is investigating the Mets, Yankees over possible inappropriate communications regarding Aaron Judge

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At the request of the MLB Players Association, Major League Baseball is investigating whether owners Citizens of North America And New York Mets There was inappropriate communication about free agents Aaron is the judge, Athletic Report. MLB Text, phone and email records between Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner and Mets owner Steve Cohen are expected to be requested.

The MLBPA’s request stems from a Nov. 3 article Which cited Mets sources as saying that Steinbrenner and Cohen “enjoy a mutually respectful relationship and don’t expect it to be overshadowed by a high-profile bidding war.” The union is always on the lookout for any collusion between clubs to reduce players’ salaries.

Athletic also notes a separate comment Houston Astros Owner Jim Crane is about free agents Justin Verlander Also subject to scrutiny from the MLBPA. Crane recently said that Verlander is seeking a Max Scherzer contract, meaning a high-paying three-year contract. The collective bargaining agreement strictly prohibits clubs from publicly discussing contract negotiations.

Here’s more from Athletic:

The Union reserves the right to file a grievance in either or both circumstances. To win a complaint, the union would have to prove that the markets for Judge and/or Verlander were damaged, which could be difficult considering they are two of the most coveted free agents of the offseason. But the union is sensitive to the threat of owners plotting to withhold free-agent salaries, as they did in one of sports’ biggest manipulations more than 30 years ago.

If the union files a grievance with the Mets and Yankees over the situation, an arbitrator will determine whether collusion has occurred. The union must prove that the judge has been harmed separately. He will stand to receive three times the damage.

The MLBPA filed three combined complaints in the 1980s, and independent arbitrators ruled that owners work together to prevent free agent bidding wars. MLB and the MLBPA later agreed to a $280 million settlement. The owners agreed to pay $12 million in 2006 after pleading guilty to collusion in 2002 and 2003.

Verlander was unanimously named the AL Cy Young winner on Wednesday. Judge is the overwhelming favorite to be named AL MVP Thursday following his 62-homer season. Our RJ Anderson ranks Judge the No. 1 available free agent and Verlander the No. 6.

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