Aaron Rodgers admitted frustration with Matt LaFleur’s play calling at the end of regulation

Aaron Rodgers admitted frustration with Matt LaFleur’s play calling at the end of regulation

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The Packers beat the Cowboys in overtime, but Aaron Rodgers Thought they had a chance to get it done in the rules. Instead, with 1:38 left in the fourth quarter, coach Matt LaFleur called for two running plays and then, after a third-down incompletion, the Packers punted.

The Packers quarterback was caught on camera giving LaFleur an earful as he walked off the field.

Rodgers later admitted he was disappointed with LaFleur’s decision to play for overtime.

“Just calling every single play, probably,” Rodgers said of the source of his frustration, via a postgame transcript from the team. “I felt like we were like 30 yards from regulation, and it felt like two minutes, so I was going to call them, and I was in a pretty good rhythm. Obviously, I didn’t have a lot of effort, but it felt like I was in pretty good rhythm. I felt like I threw the ball exactly where I wanted it, so I wanted a chance to win the game.”

The Packers punted with 22 seconds left in the fourth quarter, lost the overtime coin toss but held off the Cowboys on downs in overtime and won with a field goal. The Cowboys, who led 28-14 in the fourth quarter, were 195-0 in franchise history When leading by 14 points after three quarters.

LaFleur called the end-of-control play “an indiscretion” on his part, knowing the Cowboys had three timeouts left if the Packers had too many left.

“It didn’t work, at least at that point, but it obviously worked for us to be able to come out on top,” LaFleur said. “A lot of times when we’re in that situation, we give Aaron a ton of freedom to run the show. I mean generally, he does such a great job with it. So, hindsight is 20/20, but it was totally on me.”

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