Aaron Carter’s fiancee received harassment and death threats from fans – here’s why

Aaron Carter’s fiancee received harassment and death threats from fans – here’s why

After Aaron Carter’s untimely death, many fans are making life difficult for his fiance Melanie Martin.

According to TMZSome admirers are bothering him and even threatening him by going to his house.

Those close to Melania have revealed that since Aaron’s death, going online has been a nightmare for her as she receives a lot of hateful messages from Aaron’s fans.

She has been harassed, including messages wishing her dead, and others have accused her of being responsible for the death of Nick Carter’s younger brother.

A Twitter user said Melania killed Aaron when she texted him days before his death, saying, “You’re going to die,” and recalled how the former child star referred to him as Voldemort.

They also slammed Melania for posting a video of herself crying while driving on social media, with one user calling her “weird”.

Another person commented on Melania’s strange behavior and suggested DNA testing of her and Aaron Carter’s child, Prince, “for legal concerns.”

Meanwhile, a third party claims that Melania bribed the housekeeper to kill the singer.

Aaron Carter was dead Discovered in his bathtub Saturday, November 5, by Homemaker in Lancaster, California. He claimed the bathtub was still running.

Melanie Martin is getting abusive texts in addition to her real-life problems, as these admirers show up at her Lancaster house.

Fans are apparently going home and climbing straight up to peek inside windows or cars, which scares Melania.

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This follows a report there There was a police presence Outside the property earlier this week when he was moving some of his belongings.

According to another allegation in the publication, Melania called the police so that she would not be harassed by these people who were harassing her or accusing her of killing the father of her child.

Melania obviously wanted to make sure that the debt he had on their joint property wouldn’t be a problem.

Melania was believed to be buying baby supplies such as diapers and clothes for their son, as well as some personal items. Fans are now accusing her of taking Aaron’s stuff, which TMZ has been assured is not the case.

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