49ers get shocking news on Jimmy Garoppolo

49ers get shocking news on Jimmy Garoppolo

The 49ers Twice announced that Jimmy Garoppolo would not be their quarterback this season. The first came this summer, when Trey Lance was handed the starting job. The second came Sunday, when Garoppolo hurt his leg against the Dolphins and was unequivocally ruled out. “She’ll be out,” Kyle Dr. Shanahan on Sunday, meaning for the season. “He’s going to need surgery, something’s broken there.”

Both times, it turns out, may have been premature. After Trey Lance broke his ankle in Week 2, Garoppolo rode to save the season. Garoppolo’s return to the playoffs would be even more dramatic. According to a stunning ESPN report, it could happen.

“Doctors concluded today that 49ers’ QB Jimmy Garoppolo does not need foot surgery, it’s not a Lisfranc injury, and if rehab goes smoothly, he could be back in 7-8 weeks,” Adam Schefter Tuesday afternoon Dr.

If you’re counting, the divisional playoffs are exactly seven weeks away. The Niners are all but out of contention for the bye that comes with the No. 1 seed. At 8-4 with surprising losses to the Broncos, Bears and Falcons, San Francisco sits in fourth place in the conference and three games behind the 11-1 Eagles with just five games to play. So in Schefter’s best case, Brock Purdy (or Josh Johnson) will run the offense through the rest of the regular season and at least one playoff game. The Athletic reported Tuesday That “has a chance to play 6 weeks unless there is a Lisfranc injury/surgery,” which would allow Garoppolo to play in the wild card round.

Obviously, the Niners have to avoid a slump in the last five weeks with Purdy to make the playoffs, but they control their destiny. They lead the Seahawks by one game for the division, including a head-to-head win, and have another matchup scheduled for Dec. 15. They are one game better than the Washington Commanders, who are currently the first team out NFC Playoff Photos; They host Washington on Christmas Eve.

It’s also good news for Garoppolo, as he’s a pending free agent. Before Sunday’s debacle, he appeared to be in line for cash this offseason, Whether in the Gulf region or anywhere else. What was initially thought to be a broken leg could turn out to be another major injury for Garoppolo. He missed most of 2018 with a torn ACL and most of 2020 with a lower leg injury; He played through a sprained thumb and a shoulder injury that ultimately required surgery last season. His injury history had to carry over to the Niners, and it certainly led to a flaccid trade market for him this spring and summer.

Even with a healthy Garoppolo ready to play, Brock Purdy could turn into the 49ers version of Nick Foles and power the team for the playoffs. But if Purdy keeps balling and Garoppolo is ready to play again, the Niners will be happy to deal with that.

This breaking news story has been updated.

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