3 zodiac signs with rough horoscope on November 12, 2022

3 zodiac signs with rough horoscope on November 12, 2022

What a strange situation on today’s menu. We see how Neptune works with the Sun in Scorpio, and at the same time, the phenomenon is known as Mercury trine Neptune.

That’s a lot of Neptune energy going on, and depending on the mindset we’re in, it can go either way, positive or negative.

when Neptune does not promise disaster or dangerIt comes with sudden realizations and observations that can be disturbing as well.

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Today, November 12, 2022, brings us a closer look at how we feel about something. What that ‘something’ is, however, is personal.

Only we know what is going on in our mind and so when we are suddenly ‘forced’ to investigate it further, we may find things that are disturbing.

The worst part about it is that what we find is that we are not the person we want to be. The universe has plans for unfolding, and as we embrace them individually, we may face some inner demons.

One thing we have to take into account, and that is that it is the end of the year, and it is definitely a time when we are overthinking, judging ourselves heavily and wondering what the future will bring us.

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