17 Times Celebs Outdid Other Celebrities

17 Times Celebs Outdid Other Celebrities

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Celebrities are all idols to us, so it’s a surprise when they idolize other celebrities. Here are some iconic moments when celebrities outdid other celebrities:


Emilia Clarke is so great friends Fan that he can barely talk to Matt LeBlanc The Graham Norton Show.


Adam Scott has been a huge star wars A lifelong fan and even invited Mark Hamill to his birthday as a child, so when Mark surprised him Jimmy Kimmel LiveHe was starstruck.


Jennifer Garner posted an entire collage of her reactions to receiving a phone call from Julie Andrews.


Jennifer Lawrence is a huge fan of the Kardashians, and when she was invited to dinner with them, she got drunk with Kris Jenner. Chris’ closet is bareAnd asked Kim Kardashian to style her.


Yahya Abdul-Mateen II Was So Nervous To Meet His First Crush Julia Roberts The Late Late Show Even Jason Momoa couldn’t take it.


Emma Stone is such a huge Spice Girls fan Because he decided to go to Emma (instead of Emily) was due to Baby Spice (aka Emma Lee Bunton). And after many Spice Girls concerts, Emmaus finally met!


Kesha was so excited to meet Jerry Seinfeld that she ran up and asked for a hug, but was awkwardly turned down.


Gina Rodriguez looked great as she ran into Meryl Streep on the Screen Actors Guild Awards red carpet.


Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie once saw Chris Pine on the red carpet and immediately started fawning over him.


Mark Ruffalo saw Paul Rudd on the red carpet and couldn’t stop mouthing, “Is that Paul Rudd?” and panting.


Sebastian Stan was in awe of Sharon Stone The Late Late Show That he couldn’t help flirting a little.


Camila Cabello is so big game of thrones Fan that he completely bows to Emilia Clarke.


Selena Gomez fangirled friends When Jennifer Aniston interviewed him Ellen show.


Sophie Turner posted this photo of her fangirling while Ryan Gosling sat behind her.


Millie Bobby Brown is so obsessed with the Kardashians that she broke some of their gossip The Tonight Show.


Jennifer Lawrence was quiet for about half a second after Jack Nicholson approached her to compliment her performance.


Finally, Anne Hathaway was scared when Mariah Carey showed up on the red carpet intern

What’s your favorite moment when a celebrity lets out their inner fangirl? Comment below!

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