1619 Project’s Nicole Hanna-Jones mocks NYC mom’s subway safety issues

1619 Project’s Nicole Hanna-Jones mocks NYC mom’s subway safety issues

Critical race theory crusader who Founded the controversial 1619 project A Brooklyn mom concerned about subway safety took time out of her busy schedule this week to mock her.

Education activist Yatin Chu drew the attention of Pulitzer Prize winner Nicole Hanna-Jones on Thursday after she tweeted About his scary and bad commute.

“A loud and aggressive man threatened to hit his female companion and paid $2.75 to stay in a subway car. Changed cars at the next stop to stay in a public toilet/urine-smelling, crowded car for the rest of my ride.”

“[Gov. Kathy] Hochul and [Mayor] Adams owns it,” Chu added. “They said it themselves” — referring to the pair’s pre-Election Day pledge. Flood the subway system with police A in the mouth 39% increase in violent crime.

Yatin Chu caught the attention of Nicole Hannah-Jones this week after tweeting about her commute.
Jesse Rice

“Yes, yes,” pooh-poohed Pulitzer Prize winner Nicole Hanna-Jones A tweet. “It was completely unheard of in subways until two years ago.”

Following the wakeful writer’s lead, others pile on.

A flurry of tweets accused Chu of being a tourist, a “child” and a “very recent immigrant”.

“They were purposefully ruthless,” Chu told the Post.

Hannah-Jones “wanted to send her followers after me,” Chu added, pointing to the former New York Times writer’s “huge platform” of 697,000 followers. “He makes these snarky comments and he’s inviting them all.”

But others jumped to his defense.

“Anyone who rides the subway knows that these incidents are on the rise and no amount of gaslighting will eradicate them,” Natalia Murakhvar told Hannah-Jones. “Why are you denying Yatin’s lived experience?”

“Nicole grew up in Iowa. Yatin grew up in Queens,” the Manhattan native said Mod Marron replied. “Some of us have lived in NYC for decades.”

Chu said he was unfazed by Hanna-Jones’ attacks.

“I just want a peaceful journey when I board the train. I pay my rent, I just want to go home,” she said. “Is it too much to ask? As New Yorkers, why should we accept what our subway has become?”

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