15 Divorced People Who Ended Their Marriages Over Money

15 Divorced People Who Ended Their Marriages Over Money


“My ex and I had completely different ideas about when we had ‘extra’ money for non-essentials. I feel like when all your bills are paid, the only debts you have are the mortgage and the car, and no major expenses. My ex Thought he had a little extra credit available on one of his many cards. He was self-employed in a construction-related field, and I was a full-time employee at a tech company, putting money into my 401K. He stole money from me three times. , in different ways.”

“Finally one day, I got a clear look at him while he was fussing over some papers and thought, ‘Is he entitled to half of what I have left? No way!’ Both of our daughters were adults, and I had just left and filed for divorce. Yes, I had to pay him alimony, but I met my wonderful now-husband and we’ve been together for almost 20 years. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made. My daughters love my new husband; My ex is remarried, and my daughters love their stepmom and everything works out.”

—70, California

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